Giving to PSTI

The Plasma Science and Technology Institute is the engine for significant advances in plasma physics that can affect our lives in many ways. These areas range from applied settings such as fusion energy, which is one of the most promising ways to provide electricity for generations to come, to making use of plasmas for technological applications such as semi-conductor production, to exploring and understanding our space environment.

Our research serves as the basis for discovery and innovation, and stimulates our state, national and global economy in the process. Our reputation for excellence in teaching and research is bolstered by collaboration among researchers in the the physical sciences and engineering.

Maintaining PSTI's position as one of the preeminent research facilities for plasma physics is of the utmost importance in order to reap the benefits of our research and speed the pace of discovery. There is renewed urgency to invest in PSTI to enable our faculty and students to continue to be leaders in the field of plasma physics.

Your generous gift will enable us to expand the boundaries of knowledge and continue educating the most promising young scientists who will make the groundbreaking discoveries of tomorrow.

And your gift, regardless of its size, will have an impact. We hope you will consider investing in the faculty, students and research of the UCLA PSTI.

Contact Brooke Sanders, Director of Development, at (310) 794-9045 or if you have any questions about giving to the PSTI. We're grateful to all of you who support our teaching and research.